The Moon Mother Saga

Sara & Pat, who are the humans behind the being of Moon Mother lives in the western parts of Sweden. Originally the journey begun already in 2016 where the band released some early works and played live around in Sweden. Things took a turn into places where authenticity and soul couldn't thrive and sometimes you need to rip everything you've built apart only to be able to rebuild a new steady ground that feels more true to yourself and can hold what it is that you're trying to build.

For some time there were no sounds coming from this place but behind the veil of sorrow, tierd hands of a woman with the hope of a fool were watering the seeds of crushed dreams and slowly, slowly her garden began to bloom again and this force once again came back to life.

In the late summer/fall of 2022 the duo begun recording their selfproduced debutalbum in their home. A minimalistic but powerful sound made only with what their two minds, souls and hands could accomplish at this time and place as they wanted to build this new foundation on their own terms, defining their own sound and boldly leaving out some elements for this first release or involving others because of their history.

The album was mixed by the swedish producer Anders Rane (Vintage Loft Studio) and later mastered by producer Henryk Lipp in Gothenburg (Music A Matic Studios). The result became a dark, powerful and beautiful 10 track debut called SHE'S A STARRY NIGHT. It's a sad, heavy, honest, naked and raw ride through the depths of vast sorrow, loneliness, unbearable grief, betrayal, dark nights and pain alongside the beauty, birds, mystique, new beginnings, flowers, hope and magic of our natural world that kept us alive in the darkest days of our lives. It will be released individually by the duo in July of 2023 through their own label Elm & Yarrow.

"She sings her song for the rootless, so that they can find their way back home, back to wise soil where they can root into and find a sense of meaning again, that's what Moon Mother has been doing for us"